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Big-10 Preview: Or Breaking With Tradition

Tweet The Big-10 for once was proactive in changing the college landscape.  They expanded to add Nebraska, which was their first new team since adding Penn State in 1994.  This was the first domino to fall in an expansion hurry that ended with Colorado and Utah in the PAC-10, leaving the Big-12 with ten teams, […]

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The Curious Case of Jake Locker

Jake Locker is one of the most hyped players in college football. Some say he is overrated and some say that he should be taken first in the next NFL draft. The Oregon Sports Guy discusses how good Jake Locker really is.

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Pac-10 Expansion Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2. The Pac-10 joined other conferences in pursuit of the new prize in college football, money. The Oregon Sports Guy talks about what happened, and the conference championship game.

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