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Wassup wit da wassup? Hope you enjoyed last week’s old school jams. This week Prof. Jennings will be bringing you the normal cornucopia of music crossing the boundaries of genre, color, tempo space, and time. Maybe not space and time……Ok let’s just get to the music.

Frick Park Market-Mac Miller

This one is the first single off Mac Miller’s debut album, Blue Slide Park. Miller’s been killing it for a little while on the mixtape side so it’s about time he comes out with a legit album. After all, he’s been approved by Donald Trump so that has to count for something right? NSFW

We Are The People-Empire of the Sun (Stephen Jacobs Remix)

Here’s a nice little dubsteppy remix of Empire of the Sun’s “We Are The People.” It doesn’t have any super huge drops but it blends the instrumentals of the original version really well with the bass line. This is definitely a summer road trip tune. And for those of you that have already started school…sorry you’re not on the quarter system.

You can't tell me this guy doesn't get girls for days. I'm comfortable with saying that is an attractive man.

The Wolves-Ben Howard

Damn, this song is amazing. I found this one through a Danny Macaskill bike video and had one of those, “WhoisthisIneedthissongrightnow” moments. Once again, such a good summer road trip lake song.

She (feat. Frank Ocean)-Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator and OFWGKTA has been stepping up in the world lately. He’s about to producing on a few new albums and has been getting a bunch of features with more well known artists. Oh yeah, he’s only 20. I’ve also been on a huge Frank Ocean kick lately and his smooth vocals go perfectly with the incredibly random/weird/slightly disturbing lyrics from Tyler. 2:28 has been stuck in my head all day and calling girls honey dips is hilarious. NSFW


Hot off the presses! Verde Terrace just came out yesterday and this is the perfect intro for Curren$y’s latest tape. This type of laid-back background goes perfectly with his chill flow. Nobody seems to give him credit for being one of the most consistent up and coming artists but he’s legit. NSFW


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