Week 6 PAC-12 Review and Power Rankings

LaMichael James is a boss. Dislocates his elbow, pops it back in himself, and then gives a bomb press meeting.

PAC-12 North

1.  Stanford

This week:  Beat Colorado 48-7.  Stanford has covered every game this year.  This was a blowout from start to finish and Stanford was never not in control.  They outgained the Buffs by almost 300 yards while only committing one more turnover.  Andrew Luck passed for 370 yards going 26/33 and three touchdowns.  Gaffney and Taylor each rushed for a touchdown while averaging over four yards a carry.

Next week:  At Washington State.  Trap game?  I wish.

1a.  Oregon

This week:  Beat Cal 45-13.  LaMichael James had explosion play after explosion play, rushing for 239 yards.  He also had one of the grossest images on DuckVision ever and is such a badass he popped his elbow back in to place himself.  De’Anthony Thomas has solidified himself as one of the best receivers, and he’s our third string running back, as he had three touchdowns.  Huff looks close to full strength and had an impact many times.

Next week:  Hosting the Sun Devils at home on a Saturday.  The PAC-12 South champ makes the trip to Eugene, possibly the first of two trips this year.

3.  Washington

This week:  Bye week.

Next week:  Hosting Colorado, an absolutely awful team on the road.

4.  Cal

This week:  Lost at Oregon 45-13.  The Bears had a really good second quarter before getting lit up for 22 points in the third.  They were outgained by 100 yards while still being +1 in the turnover margin.  Cal got away from rushing the football, where they were averaging 5.3 yards per carry and once they got behind Maynard wasn’t good enough to pull them back up.

Next week:  A Thursday night game hosting USC on ESPN.  It will be interesting to see the north #4 team against the south #2 team.

5.  Washington State

This week:  Lost to UCLA in Los Angeles 28-25.  It was a close game all the way through and the Cougars looked like they were going to pull off a win for a good 54 minutes of the game.  What did the Cougars in was having to settle for three field goals in the red zone rather than convert the opportunities for touchdowns.  Washington State out passed the Bruins as expected but allowed 10.1 yards per pass to a team that has struggled throwing the football.

Next week:  Hosting Stanford at a 4:30 game on Versus.

6.  Oregon State

This week:  Beat Arizona 37-27 in Reser Stadium.  The Beavers forced four turnovers while only committing two and held the Wildcats to 2.8 yards per carry.  Mannion looked good, throwing 41 times and having only nine incompletions.   Lance Mitchell was a ball hawk in the secondary and Stevenson rushed for almost 100 yards on 17 carries.  A lot of congratulations go to Mike Riley who had a tough job this year and helped the Beavers get better every week.  They may not move up in the PAC-12 North power rankings, but they certainly are a top ten team now in the conference.

Next week:  Host BYU.  Now that the Beavers have some momentum and confidence, maybe they can pull a surprise.

Arizona State showed why they're going to win the South and Utah showed that they weren't ready this season for the PAC-12.

PAC-12 South

1.  Arizona State

This week:  Beat Utah 35-14.  The Sun Devils were only up by 3 at the half, and then the lack of depth for the Utes did them in.  Arizona State took full advantage of a wounded opponent and cruised to a win in the second half.  Utah committed five turnovers and ASU turned those in to 21 points.  It was a good game for the Sun Devils and they showed how good they could be.

Next week:  At Oregon for a night game nationally on ESPN.

2.  USC

This week:  Bye week.

Next week:  At California on Thursday night on ESPN.  The second consecutive week a PAC-12 game will be featured on Thursday night.

3.  Utah

This week:  Lost to Arizona State 35-14.  It seems that Utah is not ready, at least this year, for a BCS conference.  The team had a meeting after the game before they spoke to the media.  Boy, would I have liked to hear what was said.  Utah is suffering from a lack of depth and imploded in the second half after only faltering in previous games.  They committed five turnovers, which is way too many when you don’t have depth and are playing a backup quarterback.  Utah is still a top three team because there’s such a steep drop off once you get to Colorado, UCLA, and Arizona.  They are probably the eighth best team in the conference.

Next week:  At Pitt, returning a trip the Panthers made two years ago to Utah.  Utah needs to play well for the PAC-12’s sake against the second best Big East team.

4.  Colorado

This week:  Lost to Stanford 48-7.  The Buffs may have had hope when they hit a 76-yard screen pass to Rodney Stewart that led to a touchdown, but those hopes didn’t last long.  The Buffs only ran 57 plays this game and only 6.8 yards per pass.  This Colorado team has had a rough first season in the conference, and it doesn’t look like it’ll get any better soon.

Next week:  On the road at Washington.  It’s tough to play at Washington and Colorado is awful on the road.

5.  UCLA

This week:  Beat Washington State at home 28-25.  The Burins were very close to Washington State’s total yards produced even though they had 25 fewer plays.  Kevin Prince went 8/13 for 13.3 yards per attempt and two touchdowns in maybe his best game of the season.  Derrick Coleman is the goal line back and he punched two in while Franklin is the between the 20’s back and averaged 9.1 yards per carry.  It was a good win for a Bruins team that has struggled as of late and probably gives the UCLA AD a game to use as an excuse not to fire Rick Neuheisel.

Next week:  Bye week before a Thursday game at Arizona on the 20th.

6.  Arizona

This week:  Lost to Oregon State 37-27.  The Wildcats had one of the worst first halves of football this season and were down 30-6 at one point.  In the second half the Cats came back to close it to 30-27 before losing their cool.  They had two of the worst calls I’ve seen within the two-yard line when they had a shot to close the cap to 37-34.  They have no kicking game and a coach that isn’t preparing his team every week.  These guys look worse and worse every week.  I know they had a front-heavy schedule but they are showing no signs of life and I wouldn’t be surprised if they completely blew up next week.

Next week:  In 12 days they play the Bruins on a Thursday night on ESPN.  Wow, the PAC is really taking Thursday night over.

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