Oregon May Wear Pink Helmets In the Future [Updated]



Oregon’s pink helmets that look real and we could see Saturday.

via @jsizzlesports and retweeted by Rob Moseley, it appears that Oregon has a set of pink helmets in the works.

While I’ve been hoping for years that Oregon will wear the retro uniforms that Kenny Wheaton wore when he made “The Pick” against Washington, this is a good second place.

October is breast cancer awareness month and this month you will see all the NFL teams wear pink in various places, such as on shoes, towels, gloves, and patches on the uniforms.  It appears that  Oregon will join them, wearing white helmets with pink O’s, facemasks, and swooshes and letters on the helmet.

It may be a little audacious to think that Oregon will also bust out all pink uniforms.  The helmets could be part of a white-green- white color combination, or any other color matched with white pants.  The white pants I think are a must because any other color would look a little ridiculous with a white helmet.  I know this because I play a lot of NCAA football.

Ideally Oregon has pink jerseys with, dare I say, black numbers?  A bold move for sure, but black numbers would be awesome.  White numbers would also be amazing and beggars can’t be choosers.

[Update] The photo is from an ebay posting.  While initially I didn’t think they would use these uniforms for Washington on a Saturday night prime time game, we could see these against Colorado when on one is watching on television and the helmets would be a way to get coverage, while also being nice.

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