New Oregon Football Uniform Notes with Photos


Oregon did an official release/teaser for their new football uniforms this season.  I would expect more photos and possibly a video and/or press conference to hit before Fan Day taking place this Saturday at Autzen Stadium.

My first reaction is that every other team in the country will now be afraid of Oregon players because they look like Predator.  My second reaction is that I’m really glad Oregon kept the Rose Bowl uniforms.  Oregon switches uniform styles every three years and this is basically the last three year’s version on steroids.

The wings from last year have been tapered down to be much cleaner.  Less gladiator and more badass.  The numbers are also a huge improvement.

All white Oregon uniforms.

The yellow jerseys have black numbers and wings.  The white jerseys have green numbers and wings.  The black jerseys have silver numbers and wings.  Lastly, the green jerseys have slightly darker green numbers and wings.






Replica jerseys being made available for purchase are #6 De’Anthony Thomas, #20 John Boyett, and #24 Kenjon Barner.

A photo was leaked last year of the helmets, the exact same from last year, with green colors instead of chrome.  Also depicted in the photos are carbon helmets with the Predator/Rose Bowl wings, with the wings being chrome and the rest of the shell being carbon fiber.  The facemask is also carbon fiber.  Get down, right?  The facemasks will match the shell color in these designs.

New green Oregon football helmets with wings.

What I’m also looking forward to is the yellow pants.  Oregon rarely wore them but they made up one of may favorite uniform designs ever when Oregon played at Arizona State in 2008 going white-white-yellow.

Notice the carbon fiber helmet, AND FACEMASK! Yellow pants also make a return in what could be a uniform combination that could burn your retinas.

I will be buying a replica, probably in green BECAUSE I’M A BOSS, but Kelly green uniforms will be made available later in the season.

White-white-yellow uniforms worn by Oregon at Arizona State in 2008.

Retro uniforms circa Cal-2009 better be making another appearance.

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